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March 25, 2013
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Fallout Equestria: Sweet Nothings Rain by HereticOfDune Fallout Equestria: Sweet Nothings Rain by HereticOfDune
Stop and listen to them, my little pony. They have stories to tell. The moment they're born they're already in freefall.
They don't know when they'll land, but they know they'll meet their end soon, shattered to pieces and swallowed up by the earth. Celestia wanted to hear their stories too, once.
That's why She made your kind—the first pegasi were formed out of the clouds, just like the raindrops, but She gave them wings that they might live a little longer.
But you still won't live forever, my little pony. One day, you'll land for the very last time. So tell your story while you can.

Request for Cogitosum666.  This is a scene from his fic Fallout Equestria: Sweet Nothings [link]. The above poem is part of the scene.
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BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013
I know another one that would fit. Ahem: "There will come soft rains..."
rayray12k Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
I have come
To warn of the coming fog...

We have arrived...
To tell all of Equestria of the coming storm....

We all have appeared to them...
To speak about the unforeseen consequences...

I am the one who warns....
I am the one who informs....
I am The Stranger from Afar...

They are all save themselves and their peoples.

They are all....the ones who we are told to save.....

But...we are told that they will not hear us.

They will not listen....

They will not heed the warning....

After that....we are told that we must leave after their response....and never come back.....

We are watch them....and see that.....even the others have suffered....

Because of our people.....because of humanity....

Because of evil.
shadowkittten Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
Is it alright if I use this, and other works of yours, in my MLP magic the gathering set?
HereticOfDune Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fine by me but you may want to ask Cogitosum666 since I drew the pic for him. Glad you like it.
ParastarSarasva Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Brilliant and I do enjoy your description.
Turtledude999 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love this story. Too bad it hasn't been updated in a while...
Slotos Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
Update is planned this or next Sunday, depending on prereaders' feedback. Hopefully the delay did bring some improvements to the story too.
Turtledude999 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Person365 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazing! Keep up the stunning work :D
NicolasDominique Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Simply awesome work. It really gave me shivers.
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